• Sports Injuries & Chiropractic Care
    Sports Injuries and Chiropractic CareIn today times sports injuries are not just limited to professional athletes. Sports injuries are occurring more today than ever before.  In today’s society a large Read more
  • Suffering with TMJ?
    TMJ Pain & Chiropractic Many people think that Chiropractic care only helps back pain.  Here at Greater Cincinnati Chiropractic, we treat patients that have different needs as well.  Temporomandibular joint, also known Read more
  • How is your work posture?
    Sitting Properly  At the end of a long work day, do you notice that your back may be stiff or sore? Do you have a migraine or are your shoulders slumped Read more
  • Stretching
    Stretching One of the most important things to do before any type of exercise is stretching. It can reduce the risk of injury and also help with performance, speed and much Read more
  • Age Limit for Chiropractic
    Is There An Age Limit?Some people often wonder if chiropractic care is safe for younger children and for older adults. The great news is that the answer is YES!Chiropractic care Read more
  • Chiropractic Care & The Outdoors
    Chiropractic & The OutdoorsAlong with warmer weather comes more outdoors activities. A lot of people start taking their running shoes outside to enjoy the sunshine after a long winter. But Read more
  • Regular Chiropractic Care and Healthy Eating
    Chiropractic Care & Healthy EatingEating good, nutritious food is a primary component of long-term health and wellness. Healthy eating supports the growth and development of sound, strong bodies and is Read more
  • Biofreeze for Pain Relief
    Biofreeze for Pain Relief Do you have back pain?  Do you have sore muscles and joints?  Do you have arthritis?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, Biofreeze may help Read more


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