• Movement - Success in Your Spine
    Get Up and MoveImagine waking up one morning with a frozen shoulder where you couldn't move your upper arm more than a few inches in any direction. How much would Read more
  • Effective Diagnosis and Treatment of Low Back Pain
    Effective Diagnosis and Treatment of Low Back PainHealthy Backs and Regular Chiropractic CareRegular chiropractic care helps your body function at peak capacity. Your body is a dynamic structure and, as Read more
  • Snow Shovel Tips
    Snow Shovel TipsWe hope this is our last winter storm for the winter season. We are ready for spring and warmer temperatures just as much as you are. We wanted Read more
  • Healing Chronic Shoulder Pain
    Healing Chronic Shoulder PainAs we get older, years and decades of mechanical stress may lead to deterioration of joints, ligaments, and tendons. This degenerative process, commonly known as arthritis, primarily Read more
  • Posture and our Sleep
    Correct Vs. Incorrect PostureCorrect sleep posture will help you get a better nights sleep and avoid aggravating your neck pain and headaches. Be sure to talk with Dr. Gallentine at Read more
  • Biofreeze Helps with Pain Relief
    Biofreeze & Pain Relief Biofreeze is one of the products we offer to our patients. Biofreeze is a cold therapy pain relief gel that provides temporary relief from minor aches and Read more
  • Workplace Ergonomics & Chiropractic Care
    Workplace Ergonomics and Chiropractic CareWhat's Wrong with this Picture? A long day at the office behind a desk or a lengthy commute behind the wheel of a car can tax Read more
  • Chiropractic and the Game of Life
    Chiropractic Care and the Game of LifeAs with the game of chess, success in the game of life requires planning and preparation. Such success depends in large part on long-term Read more


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