Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries and Chiropractic Care

In today times sports injuries are not just limited to professional athletes. Sports injuries are occurring more today than ever before.  In today’s society a large number of people of both sexes and all ages are regularly acting in all types of sports and fitness activities.  As the demand for success in all generations occurs the more we are finding out that sports are becoming a thing of regularity. 

If you’ve sustained a sports injury, like a sprain, the best course of action is to see a professional like your chiropractor at Greater Cincinnati Chiropractic. Until assistance is attainable, remember the acronym, PRICE:

   Protect injury from further damage
R    Rest the injured area, remove from weight bearing
    Ice injury to reduce the swelling to the injured area and for pain reduction
C    Compress injury with an ace bandage to reduce swelling
E    Elevate the injury, particularly when dealing with ankles and knees (this also        decrease the probability of heavy swelling)

Dr. Gallentine is trained in the treatment of sports injuries and will give expert advice when dealing with one. He will do a thorough examination on the present the injury to determine the best possible treatment .He will also give management advice to insure that your sports injury will recover in the best possible way. Don't hesitate call Greater Cincinnati Chiropractic today and let let Dr. Gallentine check you out if you have sustained a sports injury!



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