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Dr. Garrett Gallentine
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  • "I have always had very bad posture. I could not walk straight and I was always tired. After my adjustments my posture has improved and I am walking straighter. I'm glad I gave Greater Cincinnati Chiropractic a call. I feel great and I have a lot more energy!"
    -Brittany K. | Clifton, OH
  • "I first came to Greater Cincinnati Chiropractic and could barely move. I picked my 8 month year old son up and I felt something pop in my back. I immediately fell to my knees.  After suffering for a few days I decided to go to Greater Cincinnati Chiropractic. Immediately after the first adjustment there was a significant improved. Dr. Gallentine got me back to pain free in just five visits! I was truly amazed! Thanks Dr. G!"
    -Henry M. | Loveland, OH
  • "I have suffered from tension and migraine headaches for months. After doing some research, I wanted to see if chiropractic would help with the pain. I gave Greater Cincinnati Chiropractic a call and he was able to see me the same day. Dr. Gallentine adjusted my neck and back to help with the headaches. I had an instant relief from the headache and have been going to his office once a week since then to feel the relief. I would highly recommend him for pain relief."
    -Michelle H. | Anderson, OH
  • "My 17 year old son was a competitive distance runner; he had been suffering from constant low back pain for roughly two and a half years. Dr. Gallentine healed my son's chronic low back injury in only a few weeks. Greater Cincinnati Chiropractic has state of the art equipment and Dr. Gallentine's up to date training an techniques and expertise is a plus when looking for Chiropractic care. Dr. Gallentine also gave my son post rehab. stretches and drills to prevent this injury from returning."
    -Tina L. & Aaron L. | Mason, OH
  • "I suffered from severe lower back pain for the about 15 years before I sought help. I think I was afraid to hear I made need surgery or they would not be able to fix the problem. My pain was getting worse over the years, and I knew I had to do something. So I finally decided to seek chiropractic help. One of my friends suggested to visit Dr. Gallentine, so I made an appointment with him not knowing what to expect. His staff applied some electrical stimulation to my lower back muscles and Dr. Gallentine did a few adjustments to my lower back area. Now, I didn't notice much improvement right away, but I went in once a week to receive the same series of treatments, and about a month in, my back began to feel better! Since I've been going to him, I have not had one single relapse into back pain! My sincere thanks to Dr. Gallentine and everyone at Greater Cincinnati Chiropractic."
    –Mike S. | Erlanger, KY
  • "Dr. Garrett Gallentine has amazed me with his knowledge, expertise, skills and equipment to cure or improve my pain that I have mentioned to him!  From migraine headaches to muscle spasms, to years of neck and back pain, these are all problems that I used to see medical doctors for that could only prescribe a pill to get better but would only mask the discomfort. After visiting Dr. Gallentine, I don't plan to ever see another medical doctor. I highly recommend you give him a try, he helped me with all my pain."
    - Amy P. | Milford, OH
  • "This was my first visit to Greater Cincinnati Chiropractic and it sure was a good one.  Dr. Gallentine checked me over from my neck to even my shoulder and wrist; he is a very easy guy to talk to. I'm feeling great right now thanks to Dr. Gallentine!!!  I will be going there again."
    -Dustin B. | Loveland, OH
  • "I've been going to them, every week to help out my stiff neck and sinus congestion. They always crack my back and adjust my legs back to being the same length.  I play tennis and racket ball and my forearm gets sore, so they help me with a muscle stimulator to soften the muscle.  I'm frequently asking general questions about anything having to do with the body because they are so well informed, and current on the latest subjects.  Dr. Gallentine and his staff are very helpful and personable!"
    - Derek W. | Indian Hill, OH ​
  • "I've been blessed to have been introduced to Dr. Gallentine by my neighbor! Since being referred to Dr. Gallentine, I choose him as my #1 for any kind of adjustments! I am also currently pregnant and he has worked wonders on loosening up areas, joints, and eased muscles that have helped out tremendously! I look forward to my weekly visits with him now. I would recommend Dr. Gallentine to anyone looking for a great chiropractor!!"
    - Tiffany G. | Forest Park, OH
  • "First time visiting a chiropractor due to a really bad car accident(hit by 3 separate cars on the highway) which resulted in major neck and back pain. I have to say I wasn't sure what to expect given that multiple allopathic doctors said that my back and neck appeared "normal" when X -Rayed but were willing to prescribe more painkillers and muscle relaxers. So I was GREATLY relieved when Dr. Gallentine explained to me that the misalignment of my spine and neck caused by whiplash was wreaking havoc on my nervous system which leads to imbalance in the whole body! 2 months into treatment and I can honestly say that this was the best decision I could have made in regards to taking my health back! Aside from the pain relief the adjustments have brought a whole new sense of awareness and well-being to my body. Literally. At 23 years of age with a 60% hearing loss in my right ear since about the age of four I assumed my only chance of ever gaining hearing back in that ear would be through the use of a hearing aid. That is not the case. I have had a dramatic improvement in my hearing since seeing Dr. Gallentine, nothing short of a blessing. God works through people! Overall a great place. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"
    - David L. | Loveland, OH
  • "Dr. Gallentine and his staff are very professional, friendly and organized. I've been a patient of Greater Cincinnati Chiropractic on and off for the past 2 1/2 years and have been very happy with the care I receive. The office is always immaculate and the office staff make it an enjoyable visit. They've recently added new state of the art X-ray technology and that addition has made my treatment plan even more successful. Thank you Greater Cincinnati Chiropractic!"
    - Rebecca H. | Loveland, OH
  • "I’ve been to multiple chiropractors and after not getting results I was starting to come to terms with my back/neck pain and just accept it as a part of life - till one day a friend recommended Dr. Gallentine. After my initial consultation I knew he was one of the few chiropractors that actually fix people. He gained my trust instantly with his confidence and the rehabilitation plan he laid out. After 5 weeks of appointments I’ve been actually feeling the results and I can’t be happier. Not to mention that the staff is extra friendly and makes you feel comfortable and welcome while you’re there. I definitely recommend him to anyone needing relief from back and neck pain."
    - John G. | Mount Orab, OH ​
  • "I am so incredibly grateful for the care that I get from the Doctor and staff at Greater Cincinnati Chiropractic. They are patient & I am ALWAYS satisfied with my treatments. I came in with immense pain in my neck & shoulder & now I can't remember the last time I was in pain because no lie, it's improved that much!! At times I could barely walk without being in pain and now I feel like I can do normal activities again; it's an incredible feeling!! I feel young again! I highly recommend this office - it will change your life!!"
    - Eva G. | Maineville, OH
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