Tmj Pain

Are you suffering from TMJ?

TMJ Pain
Temporomandibular joint  (TMJ) is often a problem area among many people. TMJ  is a  muscle disorders that occurs in the joint of jaw bone. The  problem occurs within the chewing muscles and the actual joint that connects your lower jaw to your skull. This TMJ disorder is present in many Americans without them even realizing it! There are two matching temporomandibular joints which are located on each side of your head right in front of your ears.  The TMJ disorder is caused by the physical stress on the structures of the TMJ joint. Think about how many stresses you put on your jaw daily, yawning, coughing, or just stretch your mouth not to mention eating, or brushing your teeth, or even talking! The cause of TMJ is still unknown and many times can go unnoticed without any pain. Some causes for the condition could be from overbite, orthodontic braces, stress, tooth grinding, or poor posture. We may not be able to prevent TMJ, but we have found that through the use of chiropractic adjustments to the TMJ and therapy it has helped reduce the pain and discomfort many patients are having. Before seeking any type of costly reconstructive surgery, please give our office a call we would love to have a consultation with you and see how we can help! Call Greater Cincinnati today at (513)-469-6400!!


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