Are you suffering from Whiplash?


What is Whiplash?

The most common injuries sustained in car accidents in Cincinnati are to the neck and back. Whiplash is the most common ailment and occurs when the head is suddenly thrust forward and then backward when a car is rear-ended.  Whiplash is a non-medical term used to describe neck pain following an injury to the soft tissues of your neck.  Whiplash happens in motor vehicle accidents, sporting activities, accidental falls, and assault.

Whiplash is most often caused from a car accident. The speed of the cars involved in the accident or the amount of physical damage to the car may not relate to the intensity of neck injury; speeds as low as 10-15 miles per hour can produce enough energy to cause whiplash in occupants even if they are wearing their seat belts. Some other common causes of whiplash include contact sport injuries and blows to the head from a falling object.

After experiencing whiplash, it is always important to seek medical care if you feel pain or stiffness, even if it doesn't appear right away. Often, a person may be in shock or have a rush of adrenalin, so doesn't realize he or she is injured. Sometimes symptoms often seem to "appear" the next day after your accident, sports injury, or a falling object. If you have been injured in an accident, let our staff help you. Auto accidents and injuries are not fun, but our staff can make dealing with the aftermath a lot easier. Call us today for more information at (513) 469-6400!


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