Shoulder Dislocation

Have You Had a Recent Shoulder Dislocation?

What is Shoulder Dislocation?

Our shoulder joints are the body's most mobile joint. These joints can turn in many directions which in return also makes the shoulder an easy joint to dislocate. Some dislocations that can occur are a partial or a complete dislocation. A partial dislocation means the head of the upper arm bone, also known as humerus, is partially out of the socket. A complete dislocation means it is all the way out of the socket. Both partial and complete dislocation cause pain and unsteadiness in the shoulder.

Some symptoms that you can look for with a shoulder dislocation is swelling, numbness, weakness, or bruising. Shoulder dislocation may tear ligaments or tendons in the shoulder or damage nerves. The muscles could potentially have spasms from the disruption, which can hurt more. When the shoulder dislocates time and again, there is a chance of shoulder instability.

You first visit at Greater Cincinnati Chiropractor, Dr. Gallentine will examine the shoulder and may conduct an X-ray if necessary . If you are having frequent shoulder dislocations, give Greater Cincinnati Chiropractic a call today!!!


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