Tennis Elbow

Are You Suffering from Tennis Elbow?

What is Tennis Elbow? 

Tennis elbow is soreness or pain on the lateral side of the upper arm near the elbow. The part of the muscle that attaches to a bone is called a tendon. When you use continue to use these muscles over and over again, small tears can begin to develop in the tendon. Over time, this leads to irritation and pain where the tendon is attached to the bone.  This injury is common in people who play a lot of tennis or other racquet sports, hence the name "tennis elbow."  However, any activity that involves repetitive twisting of the wrist; for example, using a screwdriver can lead to this condition. Therefore, individuals in the painting, computer/data entry, plumbing, construction, restaurant, and deli industries are more likely to develop tennis elbow.

Symptoms that occur with tennis elbow could include elbow pain, pain outside the elbow and forearm when twisting and grasping. When you visit Greater Cincinnati Chiropractic, Dr. Gallentine will first examine the troubled area, and if needed take x-rays.  After, he will then diagnosis the findings and start on a treatment plan for you. Call our office today, we have same day appointments and will work with you to get rid of the pain as soon as possible!


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