• Why Your Feet Are Important
    A lot of people probably don't think about this but your feet are way more important than you think. So lets say your body is a house at the bottom Read more
  • Do you Suffer From Lower Back Pain ?
    In the United states, low back pain is the 5th most common reason people visit a doctor.  Studies show more than 85% of these visits are for nonspecific low back Read more
  • Your Diet Can Help Joint Inflammation
    You may already be taking medicines, either prescription or over-the-counter to relieve morning stiffness, inflammation and pain in your joints.  Many studies show that certain foods, spices and supplements may Read more
  • The ABC's of Backpacks
    It's that time of year again, BACK TO SCHOOL! which means its time to talk about backpack safety.  Studies show your backpack should only weight about 10% of your body weight. Read more
  • Do you suffer from "Tech Neck?"
    Let's be honest we're all guilty of indulging into too much phone scrolling at some point in the day. Chances are you are currently reading this right now from some Read more
  • Say "Good Night" To Neck Pain
    What Is The Best Sleeping Position for The Neck? There are two positions that we are going to talk about today. These positions are easiest on your neck:     1.  On your Read more
  • Looking for a Healthy Recipe this July 4th?
    Still need an idea for dessert for your July 4th cookout? Try this recipe below..Laura swears by it! :) All Natural Red, White, and Blue Berry Coconut Pops 4 cups fresh cut Read more
  • Why Do Athletes Need to See a Chiropractor?
    Drugs can be effective for treating injuries, but they might not be the ideal treatment plan for you! See this infographic to find out why athletes should see a chiropractor.  Read more


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