• Suffering with TMJ?
    TMJ Pain & ChiropracticMany people think that Chiropractic care only helps back pain.  Here at Greater Cincinnati Chiropractic, we treat patients that have different needs as well. Temporomandibular joint, also Read more
  • Are You Sitting Properly at Work?
    Sitting Properly At the end of a long work day, do you notice that your back may be stiff or sore? Do you have a migraine or are your shoulders slumped Read more
  • It's October
    It's OctoberBrrrr, it sure is feeling like Fall outside. With it being the first day of October, Halloween and Fall decorations will be going up (if they haven't already).Here’s a couple Read more
  • Chiropractic Care
    Before you go running to a doctor to get a prescription, first you should think about going to see a chiropractor!While getting a medical treatment can temporarily relieve pain, it Read more
  • Auto Injuries
    Auto Injuries & Chiropractic CareAuto accident injuries are one of the leading causes of spinal and whiplash injuries. These types of injuries, whether they occur as the result of an Read more
  • Healthy Fall Recipes
    Fall RecipesLooking to bake something healthy this weekend? Why not try this recipe? Dr. Gallentine's wife made these for the office and they were a hit! We love to share Read more
  • Chiropractic Care & Healthy Exercise
    Regular Chiropractic Care and Healthy ExerciseRegular vigorous exercise is critically important for retaining and maintaining optimal good health. But injuries may happen, disrupting our plans and best intentions. It's difficult Read more
  • Chiropractic Care for Athletes
    The chiropractic benefits for athletes are endless. Whether you are an amateur athlete or play sports year round, seeing a chiropractor can not only help heal any injuries you’ve endured Read more


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