• Healthy Substitutions for Cooking & Baking
    Do you enjoy to cook and bake? With all the fresh produce and vegetables in season, now is the perfect time to start or get back to it. We have provided Read more
  • Kids Love Chiropractic Too!
    Want a way to teach your kids the importance of their health and wellness? Try our interactive games and puzzles, it challenges them but also has the learn valuable lessons. Read more
  • Are you putting your child in danger?
    Can you believe that it is almost August, which means almost BACK TO SCHOOL. Parents are getting ready to take their children to the stores to get their back to Read more
  • Sports Injuries and Chiropractic
    Back to school also means back to sports. We all enjoy going to a game and cheering on our loved ones, until the unexpected happens: someone gets injured. Sports injuries Read more
  • Are you getting your best sleep?
    We all love our sleep, but are you getting the best sleep you could? Our office has added a new product - Chiroflow pillows. These beauties have had amazing results Read more
  • Video of the Week | Neck Exercises
    Lately, I've been seeing a great deal of patients who are suffering with neck pain. Some have had the neck pain for quite some time others have just started suffering. Read more
  • Ask Dr. Gallentine!
    We want to know your questions you have regarding chiropractic! Maybe you have never been to a chiropractor and would like to know some more information on how chiropractic can work Read more
  • Back to School for Kids --> What to make for lunch or dinner?
    It's finally that time again - back to school for your children. You have purchased their school supplies, back packs, new outfits and their shoes now you are faced with what Read more


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