• Day in the Life of a Working Mom
    A Day in the Life of a Working MomSandy Smith woke up to the annoying and familiar sound of the alarm clock. It was another day and the beginning of Read more
  • Back pain have you down?
    Back Pain and Chiropractic CareDoes back pain have you down? Did you know chiropractic can help with your back pain, so no need to revert to medicine or even back Read more
  • Supporting your Lower Back
    Strong Lower BacksRemember to StretchExercise is a three-step process: stretching, exercising, and abdominal strengthening. Stretching prepares you for the work of exercise, and is done first - before anything else Read more
  • Exercising with your Children
    From biking and hiking to walking and jogging, today's parents are keeping fit and bonding with their babies in the process. With an array of products unheard of a generation Read more
  • New Year = New You! It's a great time to change those unhealthy habits
    New Year = Time to change those Unhealthy HabitsThere are three things that have to happen to successfully change a habit. 1. The first is that you must make the decision Read more
  • Vegetable Cooking Cheat Sheet
    Ever wonder how long you should boil your corn? Or how long to steam broccoli? Look no further, we have provided you with a cheat sheet that covers all your Read more
  • Chiropractic Care Helps Create Good Posture
    Principles of PostureLong ago and far away, a fourth-grade teacher told a student to "stand up straight - you look like a pretzel". The unthinking adult only offered criticism. The Read more
  • Recently found out your Pregnant? Good News - Chiropractic can help!
    Pregnancy & ChiropracticDuring pregnancy, a woman's center of gravity shifts forward to the front of her pelvis. This additional weight in front, causes stress to the joints of the pelvis Read more


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