• Strengthen your Spine
    Strengthen Your SpineStrong muscles keep your body upright and allow you to move. Good muscle strength and balance arecritical to maintain proper posture and minimize muscle tension. Your muscles function Read more
  • Holiday Fun for Your Family
    The holidays are finally upon us. Looking for something fun to do? Why not try some of these activities with your family and friends! Most of these are very inexpensive Read more
  • Recently found out your Pregnant? Good News - Chiropractic can help!
    Pregnancy & ChiropracticDuring pregnancy, a woman's center of gravity shifts forward to the front of her pelvis. This additional weight in front, causes stress to the joints of the pelvis Read more
  • Day in the Life of a Working Mom
    A Day in the Life of a Working MomSandy Smith woke up to the annoying and familiar sound of the alarm clock. It was another day and the beginning of Read more
  • The Wellness Approach
    The Wellness ApproachWellness is a state of optimal conditions for normal function… and then some. The wellness approach is to look for underlying causes of any disturbance or disruption (which Read more
  • Having Neck Pain? Your phone may be the cause.
    Cell Phones Causing Neck PainWe have been getting a lot of patients who now have “cell phone neck pain/text neck.” Have you ever noticed how many people are on their Read more
  • Supporting your Lower Back
    Strong Lower BacksRemember to StretchExercise is a three-step process: stretching, exercising, and abdominal strengthening. Stretching prepares you for the work of exercise, and is done first - before anything else Read more
  • New Year = New You! It's a great time to change those unhealthy habits
    New Year = Time to change those Unhealthy HabitsThere are three things that have to happen to successfully change a habit. 1. The first is that you must make the decision Read more


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