• 10 Signs You Need to See a Chiropractor
    There are many reasons to see your local Chiropractor in Cincinnati. Here are the top ten symptoms that a chiropractic adjustment is in your future.            Read more
  • Chiropractic care during the Spring Months
    Spring is finally in full affect here in Cincinnati which brings flowers, rain, warmer weather, and the dreaded yard and housework. From gardening to washing or waxing your vehicle there Read more
  • Chiropractic Care Can Help You Feel Your Best!
    Throughout our life as we begin to age, it’s vital to remain active and make sure you are getting exercise to combat degenerative health problems on a routine basis. You Read more
  • How can chiropractic benefit you?
    We wanted to share the below article from Fox News. The article covers the benefits of chiropractic. Back and neck pain are the chief complaints for which patients seek chiropractic help. Read more
  • "Ask the Doctor" Sessions
    We will be starting a "Ask the Doctor" session to our blogs. At Greater Cincinnati Chiropractic, we want to make sure our patients are well informed and their questions are Read more
  • 16 Simple Healing Foods
    Try these 16 healing foods to get rid of your stubborn headache or help with an upset stomach. Enjoy these food items your overall body's health.BananasRaisinsYogurtApricotsCanned TunaGinger TeaBasilPearBuckwheat HoneyCabbageTurkeyFigsOrange JuiceGarlicChamomile Read more
  • Summer is almost here!
    With summer being right around the corner, the chances of sports or recreational activity injuries will be on the rise. Although we can't predict or prevent an injury to occur, Read more
  • Suffering from Back Pain?
    Back pain is one of the number one patient visits in our office. From low to upper back pain, they all can be extremely painful and cause a great deal Read more


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