Holiday Back Health

All of a sudden, we blinked, and It's that time of year again! Time to start shopping for the one's you love most and getting your presents ready for Christmas morning. Here are a few tips to make sure your back stays healthy, and you aren't asking Santa for a new spine this year! 

🤶Tips to Keep Your Back Healthy During the Holiday Season🎅 

💻Shop Online: Online shopping lets you avoid malls, traffic and heavy loads. With online shopping, there’s no risk to your back, and you can use the time you save to spend with family or do some holiday baking and Christmas crafts. 

🎁Set Up an Ergonomic Wrapping Station: Wrapping presents is one of those activities that’s fun at first. But by the 10th gift, it feels more like a punishment. Sit at a table or stand at a countertop, so you don’t have to hunch. you might get into the habit of wrapping as you buy. Instead of wrapping dozens of gifts in one sitting, you can spread out the wrapping over several days, which alleviates pressure on your back. And don’t forget the convenience of gift bags. It takes much less time and is easier on your back. 

👟Use a Step Ladder: When decorating the tree, slowly climb up and have someone hand you decorations rather than carrying an armful up yourself. When putting up outdoor Christmas lights, always do it in the daylight, and be sure to have a spotter who can assist you. Wear rubber tread shoes for extra grip, and always practice proper ladder safety.

 💪Be Careful With Heavy Loads: When lifting heavy loads, always keep your back flat and your core engaged. Use the strength of your legs to press into the ground as you lift the load. When carrying bags, try to evenly distribute the weight between arms. Most people tend to overload one arm to keep their dominant hand free for opening doors. 

And as always, give our office a call to make sure you are ready for the holiday season at (513) 469-6400!


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