How Chiropractic Can Protect YOU From COVID-19!

Message From The Docs:

Want to know why we don't get sick?

These are the steps we take daily to keep our immune system functioning at optimal levels. Instead of panicking and retreating, we are forging ahead and serving our patients and community. By taking the proper steps, our community can minimize the effects of COVID-19. We have been boosting our immune systems all year to handle viruses such as common cold, the flu, or COVID-19. How do we keep ourselves healthy with a strong immune system during flu/virus season you ask?

  1. Eating a healthy diet rich in proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid sugars and highly processed foods, both of which weaken the immune system.
  2. Keep up with your exercise routine. Don't resort to a stagnant lifestyle at a time like this! Exercise in the house is necessary. YouTube has plenty of material for at home exercise ideas.
  3. Sunlight. Yes! Getting sunlight is a great way to increase vitamin D levels in the body, which ultimately will boost your immune system.
  4. Taking the proper supplements for immune health. Even a great diet could use a little extra help at a time like this, Listed below are the doctors' go-to supplements to keep your immune system working at peak levels.
  5. Basic steps like washing your hands frequently and avoid touching your face.
  6. Lastly, we practice what we preach here! Chiropractic adjustments to the correct levels of the spine as scientifically shown to boost the immune system upwards of 200%. Skipping out on your adjustments is the last thing we should be doing right now. Our team is taking every precautionary step needed to keep our environment free from germs and exposure. We will get you in and out of here as quickly as possible. 

Message From The Ohio State Chiropractic Association (OSCA):


To Our Local Health Care Providers:

Over the years, our office has shared many patients with our local health care providers. Our nation is in crisis right now, and all health care providers are affected by this COVID-19 pandemic. We are here to help relieve some of the stress and burden these offices face by helping to co-manage non-emergency cases. If you, or someone you know is dealing with an acute or chronic issue such as low back pain, neck pain, headaches, or more, please reach out to our office. Let's give our fellow health care providers the space they need to deal with this pandemic the best way they know how. And let us get you back on track the best way we know how. 

But How Does Going To The Chiropractor Help With My Immune System?

While many may associate chiropractic treatment with those that are suffering from neck or back pain, know that there are more benefits than that! Chiropractic care aides in the overall health of patients and although adjustments of the spine help in relieving the pain of those suffering from back and neck discomfort, these adjustments also aide in our immune system. Our immune system is directly connected to our spine and when it is not aligned, it may throw your entire system off track. Thus, resulting in a non-responsive system.

One of the main causes of immune system problems comes from subluxations (compression of nerve pathways). Chiropractors may use a variety of spinal manipulation to help relieve this compression and in turn may boost your immune system!

Recommended Daily Doses During Cold/Flu Season:

  • Vitamin C - 3,000-10,000mg
  • Vitamin D3 - 10,000 IU
  • Zinc - 50mg
  • Elderberry - 1oz -- 2x a day
  • Colloidal Silver - 1 tbsp


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