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Frozen Shoulder

Are You Suffering From Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder, which is also referred to as adhesive capsulitis, is mainly affects 2-3% of the population. One of the main indicators for frozen shoulder is pain in the joint and decreased mobility. Frozen shoulder can affect people at any age from children to adulthood, but is most commonly diagnosed in people from 40 - 70 years of age.

Some causes of frozen shoulder include misuse or injury, lack of use, and arm or shoulder surgeries. Often if the shoulder goes without use or stays in the same spot it can damage the joint and it can begin to tighten and become stiff. Chiropractic therapy for frozen shoulder can produce the results you need and resolve your frozen shoulder. Our staff will evaluate your baseline range of motion and pain level to develop a plan tailored to you. In-office physiotherapy along with proper exercise you may do at home will address and increase your range of motion. Please give our office a call today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Gallentine.